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Winner of $1,000 CASH Giveaway Located and Awarded!

We have our first $1,000.000 CASH winner! Ms. Choi Mei L. of Waianae, Hawaii is the first lucky winner of the PiratePayout.com $1,000 CASH Giveaway! Choi Mei’s name was selected in a random drawing and after she completed and returned her affidavit of eligibility she was sent a check for $1,000.00!

If you want to be the lucky winner of the next $1,000.00 CASH Giveaway OR the very first winner of the PiratePayout.com $5,000.00 CASH Giveaway, you have until 11:59pm on July 31st to enter! You can enter once everyday!

Search is On for $1,000 Cash Winner!

We are in the process of contacting the potential winner of the $1,000 PiratePayout CASH GIVEAWAY! Remember, this is a GUARANTEED SWEEPSTAKES! Which means that we draw a name at random and if we are unable to contact that person, we move on to the next randomly drawn name. Someone WILL WIN $1,000 Cash! Will it be you?! Stay tuned!

Deadline: Midnight tonight!

If you want a chance to be the lucky winner of the $1,100,000.00 Strike It Rich sweepstakes, you MUST enter before midnight tonight, May 12th! This is a GUARANTEED sweepstakes, which means there WILL BE a winner selected and every eligible entry has an equal chance to be selected in the random drawing.

You have nothing to lose and the opportunity to win $1,100,000.00! Enter NOW!

$1.1 Million Sweeps Countdown is on! Will you be the lucky winner? Stay tuned….

The entry deadline for the Strike It Rich $1,100,000.00 sweepstakes is quickly approaching but you still have a chance to enter if you hurry! At midnight tomorrow, May 12th, the entry opportunity for this sweepstakes will cease.

Don’t miss this opportunity to walk away with your choice of $550,000.00 CASH or an annuity paid out as $36,666.37 every year FOR 30 YEARS! Enter now at www.piratepaypout.com for your chance to win!One Million Dollar Grand Prize!

The Big 60 is Almost Here!

In just over 60 hours – at midnight, Thursday, May 12 – will be the deadline for the Strike It Rich Grand Prize $1,100,000.00 sweepstakes! You can enter once every 24 hours so don’t waste another minute! Enter now to get started.

Also on the PiratePayout website, you can enter 4 other great sweepstakes that award prizes monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually. Enter all of them every day for your best chance to win!

We’ll Call You….Maybe

One of the best jobs here at PiratePayout.com is to notify people that they have won a prize! But, very frequently, the winners we contact don’t follow through the verification process and, unfortunately, we are not able to award a prize to those original winners and must select an alternate winner….sometimes several alternates! Here are a few tips to help to ensure you win the prize you deserve:

  • Make sure your contact information is current and correct.
  • If you receive any paperwork and have any questions, please call the sweepstakes company who sent it to you. Or, have someone else review documents for you. If you don’t know anyone who can do that, bring the documents to your local bank branch and they should be able to answer questions.
  • If you choose to do so, return paperwork by any deadline stated, allowing for sufficient delivery time.
  • Never send money or credit card/banking information to anyone in exchange for winning a prize. This is the sign of a scam.

In just a few days, we will be reaching out to a lucky winner for the $1.1 million Grand Prize! It could be you!



Newest Winner of Apple iPad Air Sweepstakes Announced

Ms. D.B. of Sparks, Nevada is the newest winner of the Apple iPad Air giveaway! She tells us,

“I won a brand new Apple iPad Air in your free giveaway! Thank you! Your sweepstakes is real!”

There is a drawing for a brand new iPad Air every month – enter today and everyday! You could be our next iPad Air winner!

Forecast: 100% chance a winner will be awarded $1,100,000.00 cash in Strike It Rich Sweepstakes from Pirate Payout!

How can we say this with certainty? Because the $1,100,000.00 cash Strike It Rich sweepstakes is GUARANTEED! That means anyone who entered can have their name selected, verified and will be named the winner!

Not all sweepstakes are guaranteed. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest, most well-known sweepstakes may NOT be guaranteed.

Go with a sure thing! Enter the $1,100,000.00 once a day, every day until May 12th and YOUR name could be selected!


Deadline to enter is midnight on May 12th, 2016!

Guaranteed Winner? Can It Be Me?

In PiratePayout, the $1,100,000.00 Grand Prize sweepstakes and the $45,000.00 cash sweepstakes are each GUARANTEED to have a winner! “Why is this important and how can it be me?” you might be asking yourself right now.

Entering a GUARANTEED sweepstakes is important because you know FOR CERTAIN the prize will be awarded to a winner. In the Official Rules of the two largest PiratePayout sweepstakes, you will find important details such as the deadline for entries (very important!) and the date of the drawing of the winner.

On the date of the drawing of the winner, all of the eligible entries will be gathered and one name will be randomly selected. That person will be contacted, and if contact is made, paperwork confirming the person’s eligibility will be sent to that person.

Now here is where “guaranteed” makes a difference in a sweepstakes: If no contact is made, or the paperwork is not returned, another name will be drawn and that process continues until a potential winner is contacted and their eligibility is confirmed. In past drawings, almost a dozen people have been contacted before actually awarding the prize! But, one lucky person will be awarded each of the large prizes. That’s what GUARANTEED WINNER really means.

And the answer to the question, “Can the winner be me?” is Yes! If you enter the sweepstakes, and meet the eligibility requirements (for example you must be at least 18 years of age) you can be the winner! Each entry has the same chance as any other entry – that’s a fact.

You can enter once every 24 hours into any of the PiratePayout sweepstakes. Remember:  the more entries you have, the more chances there are for your name to be drawn!

So, a guaranteed sweepstakes means a guaranteed winner…someone has to win so it might as well be you!