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For over 25 years, Think Direct Marketing Group (TDMG) has provided consumers exclusive access to our proprietary, guaranteed sweepstakes, as well as deep discounts on magazine subscriptions and unique products and services from our partners.

Based in Florida, TDMG is the exclusive sponsor of the STRIKE IT RICH sweepstakes (now in its 16th year) and the FANTASY RICHES sweepstakes. To date, these sweepstakes have awarded over $10,000,000.00 in cash and prizes to lucky winners, and there is more yet to come. Winners are chosen in a random drawing from among all eligible entrants. Entries are received via direct mail, email and online.

A few of our lucky winners and their winnings are listed below:

March 2015 – Donald O. of Texas City, TX $45,000.00
June 2014 – Sheila B. of Mancos, CO $1,100,000.00
March 2014 – Priscella S. of Watonga, OK $45,000.00
March 2013 – Charlene J. of Converse, TX $45,000.00
August 2012 – Donald R. of Langley, OK $1,100,000.00
April 2012 – Willie A. of N. Little Rock, AR $45,000.00
February, 2011 – Tanya W. of Atascadero, CA $45,000.00
June, 2010 – Hazel J. of Hempstead, NY $2,100,000.00
February, 2010 – Ronnie S. of St. George, UT $45,000.00
February, 2009 – Jack B. of Burkburnett, TX $45,000.00
February, 2008 – Lisa T. of Independence, MO $2,100,000.00
April, 2006 – Elizabeth P. of Warren, RI $1,000,000.00
January, 2004 – Matt K. of Oakdale, PA $1,000,000.00
January, 2002 – Lori S. of Sioux City, IA $1,000,000.00
January, 2000 – Mike B. of Overton, TX $1,000,000.00


With guaranteed payouts, Strike It Rich is enjoying significant buzz on the Internet. Online opportunities to win are available at strikitriches.com.

TDMG is a privately held company with more than $100 million in annual revenue serving thousands of customers across the country. TDMG is also a partner to more than 300 companies in offering valuable discounts on a variety of publications, products and services.